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President & Representative Director Takuya Aizawa

The Aizawa Securities Group was founded in 1918, and has been providing services for more than 100 years with a mission of "Making life better through Securities Investment".

Founder Yahachi Aizawa has worked tirelessly to revive the securities industry in postwar Japan. The Company has always considered customer satisfaction as top priority, continually taking up new challenges and pursuing reform in meeting the needs of the times. Company, as compared to competitors took early initiatives in providing access and services in Asian stocks Investment to its clients. Company is the first financial securities firm to be accredited as "Organization supporting business management". Company has recently collaborated with regional financial institutions, educational institutions and local government, to challenge the changes in the industry and add unprecedented value to clients.

Company's Vision of "Beyond the Securities Company" differentiate itself from the conventional securities firms. The company along with its Asset management services, offers variety of solution services like Inheritance & Business support. The company is also undertaking various activities aimed for Regional revitalization. We delight in seeing each and every client satisfied with high hopes, and believe that a relationship of trust shall be born with the customer in the true sense.

The Company has been expanding the handling of Asian stocks since it started handling stocks in the three markets of Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in 2000 and at present, the number of markets and issues handled in Asia are one of the largest in the industry. The Company has greatly expanded the number of options for investing in securities while, at the same time, striving to enhance the convenience of investing in Asian stocks. "Thinking Asian stocks, think Aizawa Securities" is how we are perceived externally, however we are not resting on our laurels and aim to further improve services.

We hope for the continued support from all of our clients and stakeholders as the Company continues to expand its business.

Takuya Aizawa
President & Representative Director